Circle of Death

What you need:

- a deck of cards
- beer

Basic Play:

Circle of Death is a game best played with a large group of people.

First, simply spread out the entire deck of cards on the table, in no particular order.

Now, players simply take turns pulling cards to see the result:

Here are the rules for normal play:

- A,2,3,4,5 - The player must drink as many as the card shows (ace is one drink)

- 6,7,8,9,10 - The player gets to hand out as many drinks as the card shows (can be to multiple people). Some people play that a '10' is a social drink card.

- Jack - This is the thumbmaster card. When this person places their thumb on the table, everyone else must also. The last person with their thumb on the table must drink.

- Queen - This is the question-master card. From this point on, if this person asks another player a question and they answer in any form, they must drink. Clever questions include, "Whose turn is it?" and the like. The player remains question-master until another queen is pulled.

- King - Categories - The player who pulls the king picks a category (such as "brands of cigarettes"). Each player must name something in that category. The first person who cannot must drink. An alternate rule for this card is the waterfall rule. The first person starts drinking, and the next person cannot stop drinking until the first person does. This goes down the line until everyone is done.

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