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3-man / 3-bitch

What you need:

- two white dice (6-sided)
- beer

Basic Play:

3-man is a game where basically one person (the 3-man) drinks a lot very quickly. The position rotates,
but sometimes not always so quickly. The game seems to work best with about 5 people.

Select a person to start the first roll. (Generally you don't want to be the first person).
From the beginning, the first person to roll a '3' on either die, or a total of 3 (2+1), becomes
the 3-man. From this point on, anytime a 3 is rolled on either dice, or a total of 3 (2+1) is rolled,
the 3man has to take a single drink.

Players take turns rolling around the table in a clockwise fashion. Each player continues to roll until
the dice combination doesn't cause a drink (one of the combinations below).

Here are the basic combinations:

- If a 3 in any fashion is rolled, the 3-man must drink
- If a 7 is rolled, the person to your left must drink (think "7-ahead")
- If an 11 is rolled, the person to your right must drink ("11-behind")
- If doubles are rolled, the roller gets to hand out drinks (pair of 6's = 6 drinks to hand out)

Variations (may be changed to other rules as you like):

- A roll of a 4+1 means that the last person at the table to touch their nose has to drink
- A roll of 4+2 means that the last person to flick off the table has to drink

The 3-man only loses his position after rolling a 3 or combination of 3. The next person to roll
a 3 then becomes the 3-man.


Sloppy Roller Rule: If at any point the dice falls off the table, the roller takes a drink and must re-roll.
It may also be interesting to make the sloppy roller become the 3-man.

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