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Flippy Cup (aka Flip Cup, Boat Races, Canoe)

What you need:

- a plastic party cup for each person
- lots of beer

Basic Play:

Flippy Cup is a team game, usually with a minimum of 4 players per team.

First, fill everyone's cup with an equal amount of beer (most play with about 1/4 to 1/2 cup).

The game is basically a race. One person is designated to hold up an empty cup and drop it on the table.
As soon as it hits, the race begins.

Each person on the team goes one at a time. The first person must chug their beer. Once finished, they must
place the empty cup, right-side up, on the end of the table. They then must flip the cup over so that it lands
face-down on the table. (You sort of just tap the bottom of the right-side up cup to make it flip).

The next person may then proceed to chug and flip until the entire team is done.

The first team to finish and flip all of their cups wins!

Interesting variation:

It is possible for one person to take on an entire team. The person simply gets as many cups as the opposing team to see who is faster.

Another variation is a one-on-one game where each person gets 5 cups. They battle in a typical fashion.

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